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Why ROMERO for Congress?

The awareness of a sense of duty and of service to my family and my country has always been a part of my life.  That is the reason I am not a follower nor do I seek glory.  Although others see me as a quiet person, I have never allowed anyone to intimidate me or my family.  

The first time I took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States was just after my graduation from Grants High School.  I had married my high school sweetheart, Francesca, and we embarked on the adventure of military service in the U.S. Air Force.  It was a great start to life, and a fantastic experience which took us to Wurtsmith AFB, Michigan and then to Cannon AFB, in Clovis, NM.  

After the Air Force, two years in the National Guard found me still following a life of service.  The next point of direction led me to join the Taos County Sheriff’s Office, where I took another oath to defend and protect the U.S. Constitution.   Then an advancement in my career gave me opportunity to join the Las Vegas, Nevada, Metropolitan Police Department, where I was again serving under an oath to protect this same Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  My whole life had this one focus, and this same calling of service.  

When I retired at age 50, we returned home to Valdito, New Mexico.  I was living the life of retirement when the call to serve was presented to me again and I was asked to run for Congress in the 3rd Congressional District.  When I considered that God may have other plans for me, I said yes.  

As I watch my grandchildren growing up, I know that I need to do whatever I can to serve this nation for them and their future.  The road that Progressives have begun to take will lead us away from the protections and the safeguards that God built into our Constitution by leaders who feared and respected Him.  They knew what could happen, and so built a sure foundation for us.  When elected to office, I will again take the oath and the action to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States of America, so help me God.

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